We have been in the concrete industry for over 20 yrs. Part of a 3rd generation of a family business. PCS endeavors to provide a quality service and products. With our history and experience we offer to customers products that fit their needs that will last. We work with many products and keep current with new technology. PCS has been certified and work with many manufacturers, suppliers and local sales reps. PCS has worked on concrete floors through out the USA and abroad. This has resulted in finding solutions to many issues with concrete. We have developed relationships with owners, general contractors, and architects.


Warehouses, manufacturing, food processing, hangers, public works, office space, education, airport hangers, medical, retail, automotive, show rooms.

As a company we have met the needs of our customers through years of experience. In early years we have serviced the warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Our main focus then was material handling equipment installations. Since then we have expanded to other areas. We have developed progressively to meet the needs of our customers. Training has been an important part of our goal. Even though we had experience, we continue to be educated with new products and certified with manufacturers. We have experience also as products have become conscience of our environment. Many of our projects have been LEED certified, some up to Platinum Level. Safety is our number one priority. We have been certified in many O.S.H.A programs and continue to apply new safety practices.

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